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A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is mobbing.
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The following paragraphs have been taken from the book Mobbed!: What to Do When They Really Are Out to Get You by Janice Harper. (Backdoor Press)

Is someone out to get you? Have they made things so bad for you that now a lot of people are out to get you? Have your friends or coworkers been told to avoid you, and one-by-one they’ve obliged? Are you being accused of everything from moral failings to criminal behavior?

If so, you need some information and you need some help. In this book, I go where a lot of the anti-bully books will not go into the minds of good people who will become bullies when given the opportunity and into your own confused mind when under attack and making bad decisions.

I will take you through the labyrinth of lies, distortions, and smear campaigns that commence when a bully turns into a mob and you find yourself the subject of gossip, lies, inquisitions and accusations from the very people you once trusted as friends, coworkers, and colleagues. I’ll tell you how to cope, with a few dirty tricks and a few uncomfortable truths. And I’ll tell you how to start to heal once the attacks have stopped, but the wounds still bleed.
Published by Author - 13/7/2019
Antisocial behaviour ignored by authorities
Street drinking or drunken behaviour is the most common form of Antisocial behaviour (ASB). Antisocial behaviour is being played down or ignored by the authorities despite blighting the lives of victims, according to a report. People persistently targeted by perpetrators are left to suffer in silence amid shortcomings in the response by agencies including the police and councils, it has been claimed.
Published by Author - 30/4/2019
Ten pointers to human self destruction
Ten pointers to human self-destruction courtesy of LiveScience.com; gossiping is number one on the list of toxic behaviours.
Published by Author - 20/4/2019
Police attitude to stalking, abuse and harassment
Two articles highlighting the police attitude to stalking, harassment and abuse. They concern the unfortunate cases of Alice Ruggles and Shana Grice.
Published by Author - 11/4/2019
Shana Grice: Disciplinary action for Sussex Police officers
Three police officers are facing disciplinary action over the case of a woman who was fined for wasting police time when she reported the stalker ex who went on to murder her.
Published by Author - 10/4/2019
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