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Published by in Books · 13 July 2019
Tags: Abuse
The following paragraphs have been taken from the book Mobbed!: What to Do When They Really Are Out to Get You by Janice Harper. (Backdoor Press)

Mobbing is bullying run amuck and it is cruel and inhumane. But as I show in these pages, it is also human. And because it is human, it cannot be stopped. But it can be better understood, and if it is better understood, it is my hope that fewer people will get caught up in it when one of their coworkers or a member of their group is targeted. It is my hope that everyone who reads this book will think twice before gossiping about someone who is under attack, will think twice about shunning them, and will think twice about attacking them even further.

Mobbing targets don’t need any more attacks; they need help.

The remedy all too often recommended: bullies should be branded, exiled, sued and publicly shamed. But is that so bad? Let’s face it, if you are the target of someone’s irrational aggression, whether at work, school or in your community, that sentiment is exactly what you want to hear. Because to have someone come after you can be a devastating experience. It can and does demoralize people, reduce them to tears, make them feel like crap, destroy their reputation, and even drive some to suicide, if not homicide.

Given all that, what’s wrong with going after bullies? What’s wrong is this: trite as it sounds, you can’t change anyone else’s behavior; you can only change your own. And there’s another reason, maybe even more important: bullying snowballs into mobbing very quickly. Once it does, the people who will do you the most harm won’t be “the bullies.” They will be your friends and coworkers. And how is it going to sound if you alone point to half the workforce and say they’re all bullies? You’ll sound crazy.

What’s happening when a whole bunch of people turn on you is called mobbing. Mobbing is group bullying run amuck where you are shunned, sabotaged, and put through the system with a series of bad reviews, passed opportunities, warnings, gossip and accusations that often lead to investigations and inquisitions that can ultimately destroy your career.

Mobbing is group aggression, and it is distinct from bullying because the people who engage in it include not only “bullies,” but once supportive, friendly, non-aggressive people who have suddenly been encouraged to see you as a threat.

When that happens, the person who is ultimately driven out will not necessarily be the most aggressive or abusive. The person who will be branded, exiled and publicly shamed as “the problem” and maybe even as “the bully” is always the person who has the least amount of power. And that person could very well be you, if someone’s out to get you.

Further to the above I wonder how you cope with the killing of innocent pets if you are not narcissistic/psychopathic, surely it would be difficult to salve your conscience especially if you are supposedly an animal lover or a veterinary surgeon/nurse. Personally I would hate to have something like this on my conscience and yes, I am fortunate to have a conscience with normal feelings. The killing of innocent pets is taking hate, spite and evil too far and can only do much to damage the perpetrators of such atrocities event they are not capable of realising this.

It would appear in the case of most "normal" people it is a case of bad people just waiting for an opportunity to reveal themselves.

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