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Interesting quotes about pathological narcissism

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Published by in Information · 24 August 2019
Tags: Abuse
Quote 1.
This quote is particularly relevant to the author's situation in which a pathological naricissist has decided to control as many people as possible in Blaxton, Doncaster, Wakefield and the author's workplace in order to carry out a mobbing campaign.

It would have to be assumed social media is the tool of choice in order to carry out this mobbing campaign.

This is a two way street and works as follows the perpetrators think they know the author has done something terrible just on the say so of the pathological narcissist. This means that a lot of people treat the author with suspicion and contempt and naturally this causes the author to keep away from most people as they often prove to be toxic to the author.

Quote 2.
Pathological narcissists lie as a matter of course and they will even lie when the truth would serve them better, it is totally ingrained into who and what they are. They also encourage their followers to lie on their behalf and involve and implicate them in their schemes and plots.

Pathological narcissists absolutely love drama oftren using power and control to achieve their aims. The power and control element means a lot of pathological narcissists become members of the armed forces, the police, the medical profession, in fact any profession or role which gives them power over other people's lives.

This is why so many targets of abuse are let down by the very people who have supposedly sworn to serve and protect them, sad but true.

People who are not narcissists really do not understand how easy they are manipulated especially if they like gossip and drama in their lives. Pathological narcissists make good use of these people as they make good followers and are useful tools in running a hate camapaign. A lie is supposedly given credance because of the number of people repeating it, however a lie is just a lie no matter how many times it is repeated and no matter who repeats it.

Quote 3.
If you have been targeted for narcissistic abuse it is because the naricissist envies you and is deeply jealous of you. Narcissists are not capable of real love or joy, they can only destroy.

They are delusional believing everyone envies and looks upt to them and if they feel threatened by a decent, honest human being they will go all out to destroy them.

If they cannot control their target or targets they will try to control everyone else who comes into contact with the target to make them think the target has some kind of issue.

The common themes used for the smear campaign will usually revolve around the following:

  • The target is mentally ill.
  • The target is a drug addict.
  • The target is an alcoholic.
  • The target is a paedophile.
    This would seem to be the most common slander nowadays as it would appear to be fashionable and easy to spread around the community. Of course there is no proof required, the lie is enough.
  • The target is violent.
  • The target is unstable.
  • All of the above and more.

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