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Automart Direct Limited is this Karma in action

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Published by in Information · 20 March 2019
Tags: Karma
The car I purchased from Automart Direct Limited, located at Merchant Way, Wheatley, only lasted a few months before it broke down and was beyond economical repair, it was absolutely riddled with faults. The warranty I paid £350.00 would only pay up to £150.00 worth of repairs, so was a rip off and not worth the paper it was printed on. The article in the Doncaster Free Press demonstrates the kind of people I was dealing with, isn't hindsight a wonderful thing!

Is this Karma in action?

I put this down to experience and it persuaded me to use a bicycle for the time being as any vehicles I own only seem to get vandalised anyway.

From the Doncaster Free Press

"A group of Doncaster rogue traders from dealerships have been convicted of selling ‘unroadworthy’ and ‘dangerous’ cars. "

"The company was also found guilty of misleading consumers with false advertising, as well as providing an invoice with terms such as ‘trade sale,’ ‘sold as seen’ and ‘spares/repairs’ giving the consumer the impression that they would not be able to exercise their statutory rights.
Company director Mahmood and manager Banks, were also found guilty and personally liable for their involvement in the sale of the dangerous vehicle deemed ‘unroadworthy/unusable’ and in an 'unsafe”’condition.
All company fines were in excess of £4,000 to account for costs, compensation and victim surcharge."

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