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A source of information for the individuals targeted for abuse, harassment and mobbing in the community and workplace.
To help the abused targets journey into the light from the darkness that is mobbing.
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The information provided on this website is given in good faith with no prejudice or liability for the accuracy of the information provided. Mobbed UK and the webmaster make no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained from the use of the information on the website. Mobbed UK and the webmaster shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information and cannot be held liable for any third-party claims or losses of any damages.

This is particularly true due to the amount of misinformation promulgated by mobs and gang-stalkers (trolls) to spread paranoia and anxiety within the community of targeted individuals. A lot of the information available on the internet has to be taken with a certain amount of care and healthy scepticism.

What is mobbing?
Mobbing is the abuse and harassment of an individual by a group of people in the community or the workplace, it is schoolyard bullying but usually carried out in an adult environment and can happen to anyone no matter what their background.

Mobbing UK has been created to try and help individuals targeted for mobbing by the more troubled members of our society regain some of their life back and to make it clear they are not alone. The author has been mobbed in the community and workplace for about 10 years and has found that information has only just started to become more mainstream in the last few years. The aim is to clarify what mobbing is about and offers useful books and references which may help a mobbed individual to survive this ordeal which has the aim of totally destroying the mobbed individual often with the only purpose of providing entertainment to some very troubled individuals.  

The members of the mob aim to get under the target's skin, they want the target to be thinking about them one hundred percent of the time to try and create anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the target. It is pretty nasty stuff, some members of the mob may think of themselves as self righteous vigilantes but as the target is normally innocent they are just part of a toxic mob. Most members of the mob are not that misguided, they just like creating as much suffering in the target as they can just for kicks and personal gratification.

The target needs to realise they are being mobbed and once they do they need to start to learn how to deal with it to prevent themselves losing their health and sanity while keeping their integrity intact.

What is the aim of mobbing?
The aim of mobbing is the eventual elimination of the targeted individual by suicide, it is murder by a thousand cuts and anyone involved in mobbing knows this. Please be very clear on this, do not think of it in any other way, this is very important!

The Mobbing UK Blog and RSS feed can be used to keep up to date with any new information found by the author and enable easy viewing on any mobile devices the reader may wish to use.
Serial fantasist who stalked and terrorised ex pal caged for three-year hate campaign
Article taken from the Daily Record 17/07/2019.
Serial fantasist who stalked and terrorised ex pal caged for three-year hate campaign
Jill Sharp has been sentenced to 12 months for waging a twisted campaign of hate against Margaret and Steven Paton.
By Alan McEwen 04:30, 17 JUL 2019
Published by Author - 20/7/2019
The following paragraphs have been taken from the book Mobbed!: What to Do When They Really Are Out to Get You by Janice Harper. (Backdoor Press)

Is someone out to get you? Have they made things so bad for you that now a lot of people are out to get you? Have your friends or coworkers been told to avoid you, and one-by-one they’ve obliged? Are you being accused of everything from moral failings to criminal behavior?

If so, you need some information and you need some help. In this book, I go where a lot of the anti-bully books will not go into the minds of good people who will become bullies when given the opportunity and into your own confused mind when under attack and making bad decisions.

I will take you through the labyrinth of lies, distortions, and smear campaigns that commence when a bully turns into a mob and you find yourself the subject of gossip, lies, inquisitions and accusations from the very people you once trusted as friends, coworkers, and colleagues. I’ll tell you how to cope, with a few dirty tricks and a few uncomfortable truths. And I’ll tell you how to start to heal once the attacks have stopped, but the wounds still bleed.
Published by Author - 13/7/2019
Antisocial behaviour ignored by authorities
Street drinking or drunken behaviour is the most common form of Antisocial behaviour (ASB). Antisocial behaviour is being played down or ignored by the authorities despite blighting the lives of victims, according to a report. People persistently targeted by perpetrators are left to suffer in silence amid shortcomings in the response by agencies including the police and councils, it has been claimed.
Published by Author - 30/4/2019

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